Reliable, professional, unique, seamless!

Me and my Wife Danielle had Rob come and do the photography at our wedding at Mottram Hall in Cheshire on Easter weekend 2016 and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we could have made. Planning the wedding photos was so important to us and (as with most couples) we were worried about the fact that we might be paying a lot of money for something which ultimately we wouldn’t get to see before it was too late and in an unusual sense you don’t really know what your paying for before hand. We met a couple of photographers/studios before hand but always got the feeling that they were more interested in pushing their ‘full package’ or having you buy the ‘special leather-backed album or dvd” rather than get to know you as a couple but with Rob this wasn’t the case at all. From the very first time we sat down together everything was so personal, from understanding what WE wanted and how he could do things in a way that gave us the photographs that WE wanted in a way that we would remember the day as perfect as it actually was. The way he worked on the day was incredibly subtle which was perfect for us as we wanted photographs that “captured the moment” on the day for us and our guests, we hardly noticed him for the most part. I can say on behalf of my wife that her and all of her bridesmaids loved Rob. I understand that the bridal party preparation photos were no different in that everyone was relaxed and at ease. It was just as laid back, personalised and seamless a process as the rest of the days snaps which is exactly what I imagine anyone would want at a time when the nerves start to kick in. I really wouldn’t hesitate for one second to recommend Rob to anyone as he was fantastic from start to finish and we couldn’t have wished for anyone better behind the lens to capture our wedding day.

Andy Johnson - The groom