Jessica - Vauhaus Agency

I had been planning on arranging a photo shoot with Jessica for quite some time, I think she has not only a unique look but also a very diverse look on camera.

We arranged to meet at around 5:30pm on a Friday evening, I gave Jessica a quick brief and rough locations to try and match the surroundings! Jessica did her own makeup and styling and absolutely nailed the look I wanted for this shoot.

Jess is from Vauhaus Agency and I must say I have shot for this agency a few times now and do not have one complaint, all models are unique and different to the rest on the books which really is an upside as it means different looks every time, I would suggest booking in with some of their models!

You can follow Jess on her Instagram 

Since our first shoot we have shot again which was a very quick home shoot using some gels and bulbs to achieve a striking look, below are a couple of sample images but the album of Jessica can be found here on my site JESSICA