Phase 2 with Maiyah...

I had the amazing job of shooting with Maiyah again recently, this was part of the huge studio shoot for Vanita Model Management.
I chose to shoot with Maiyah first on the day as I knew we would get everything we wanted because we work great together, a very natural and relaxed theme which we captured at the amazing 303 Studio in Salford.

When I heard that the studio had a bed themed set I knew that Maiyah would suit it, laid back, fun and just a very natural surrounding that everyone get's into when at home.
I wanted to capture Maiyah in baggy Tees, jumpers and jerseys etc. something you would wear when lounging around but to also add a sexy fun side to the look we were going for.

Maiyah nailed the look and with the help of Siana the MUA I had everything in place to create a great set of images.

I just want to point out that when I do capture models I always want them to feel comfortable and enjoy what I am trying to create, Maiyah has nailed this both times and also makes me feel very comfortable, I would highly recommend booking Maiyah from Vanita as she constantly pushes herself to be better and do better, I can be sure this is not the last time we will work together.

Full set of images here