Why I shoot film.

I bought my first DSLR camera around 7 Year’s ago, before that I had a very cheap point and shoot which I used mainly when I went out in the evening or when I went away somewhere. 

The camera had no manual controls so the thought of using a DSLR scared and confused me, that is until I decided to buy one. The drive I had to learn how to use it was something I didn’t expect.  

After I spent a few weeks with the manual I felt comfortable just getting to grips with it in hand and taking it to the streets. Over time I was shooting confidently and comfortably which pushed me to move onto another challenge, not that I was getting bored of digital, it was more just a drive to learn more about this amazing hobby I wanted to push myself further.  

This is where I was introduced to film photography. The thought of everything being manual, the focus and the light meter (depending on the camera of course) just really intrigued me. After buying my first film camera and getting the 35mm roll developed I really felt out of my depth as the results were not great at all, however I wasn’t going to give up.  

I treated it as I would with my digital so depending on lighting conditions I would always use the best light to be sure that the shutter speed would be fast enough and conditions bright enough so that I could have a lower aperture so more things were in focus until my confidence in using better depth of field and higher aperture grew when shooting people especially. 

I have included some of my shots below. Cameras used below are the Mamiya M645J 120film, Minolta X-700 and the Pentax ME Super which are both 35mm.