Instagram: Hash Tags, Quotes & Emojis...

I have had quite a few messages/comments on my Instagram account @robwalkerphotography regarding my layout, emojis, hash tags and quotes.
A while back now I decided that I wanted to uniform how my account looks, of course you know the Instagram layout is a set of 3 images in a row when looking at somebody's profile.

The set of 3 images in my opinion should stand out to draw people in, my way of doing this is to have a set of 3 images that are of the same model/shoot and is a variant of one look from that shoot, this shows a couple of things, the contrast you can achieve from the same set as well as giving you more options to post a different set later to reveal more from that shoot.

Quotes, I use quotes to either determine how I felt on the shoot, how I feel at the time of the upload or if I see a certain strength or weakness in the subject I will pick a quote to match.

I have a certain uniformed set of Hash Tags that I add to every image, this is just something I have always done and people often call it click bait to get more attention, this as we all know is part of the reason tags are added to any photo on instagram but as you will see mine are mainly driven by the style I shoot.

If you don't currently follow my instagram then be sure to check it out HERE

I do also have an Instagram account for my Analogue work only, this consists of a few different film cameras, a Mamiya M645J, Canon A1, Minolta X-700 and Pentax ME Super.
I do not edit these images apart from the odd crop due to the scanning process.

My Analogue Instagram is @analogueshooter

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope if you did send me questions this clears it up for you :)