Mamiya 645 & Why I Love it!

Towards the end of last year I purchased the Mamiya 645 from a friend, I had never held a medium format camera let alone one of these beasts, however once I got my hands on it all I wanted to do was test it out. 

I have the hip viewfinder version which visually is brilliant, I have found it to not be that useful as the viewfinder from my height is a little small to make sure that focus is on point.

luckily it has a magnifier on the viewfinder so you can hold it up to the eye for a perfect view.  

I have now used the camera along with my digital on 4 shoots, 3 with colour film and one black and white (still waiting for that film to come back) and honestly I cannot believe the results. 

The camera has no light meter so is completely manual in setting the exposure etc. As well as focusing.  

My opinion is that I love this camera and it excites me when I use it as you just aren't 100% sure of the results you are going to get. Just like using any analogue camera. 


I have attached some some results from the Mamiya 645.  



Mamiya 645 using Kodak Portra 400

Mamiya 645 using Kodak Portra 400

Above is totally unedited and the model is the wonderful Maiyah.