Why I shoot film.

I bought my first DSLR camera around 7 Year’s ago, before that I had a very cheap point and shoot which I used mainly when I went out in the evening or when I went away somewhere. 

The camera had no manual controls so the thought of using a DSLR scared and confused me, that is until I decided to buy one. The drive I had to learn how to use it was something I didn’t expect.  

After I spent a few weeks with the manual I felt comfortable just getting to grips with it in hand and taking it to the streets. Over time I was shooting confidently and comfortably which pushed me to move onto another challenge, not that I was getting bored of digital, it was more just a drive to learn more about this amazing hobby I wanted to push myself further.  

This is where I was introduced to film photography. The thought of everything being manual, the focus and the light meter (depending on the camera of course) just really intrigued me. After buying my first film camera and getting the 35mm roll developed I really felt out of my depth as the results were not great at all, however I wasn’t going to give up.  

I treated it as I would with my digital so depending on lighting conditions I would always use the best light to be sure that the shutter speed would be fast enough and conditions bright enough so that I could have a lower aperture so more things were in focus until my confidence in using better depth of field and higher aperture grew when shooting people especially. 

I have included some of my shots below. Cameras used below are the Mamiya M645J 120film, Minolta X-700 and the Pentax ME Super which are both 35mm. 


Instagram: Hash Tags, Quotes & Emojis...

I have had quite a few messages/comments on my Instagram account @robwalkerphotography regarding my layout, emojis, hash tags and quotes.
A while back now I decided that I wanted to uniform how my account looks, of course you know the Instagram layout is a set of 3 images in a row when looking at somebody's profile.

The set of 3 images in my opinion should stand out to draw people in, my way of doing this is to have a set of 3 images that are of the same model/shoot and is a variant of one look from that shoot, this shows a couple of things, the contrast you can achieve from the same set as well as giving you more options to post a different set later to reveal more from that shoot.

Quotes, I use quotes to either determine how I felt on the shoot, how I feel at the time of the upload or if I see a certain strength or weakness in the subject I will pick a quote to match.

I have a certain uniformed set of Hash Tags that I add to every image, this is just something I have always done and people often call it click bait to get more attention, this as we all know is part of the reason tags are added to any photo on instagram but as you will see mine are mainly driven by the style I shoot.

If you don't currently follow my instagram then be sure to check it out HERE

I do also have an Instagram account for my Analogue work only, this consists of a few different film cameras, a Mamiya M645J, Canon A1, Minolta X-700 and Pentax ME Super.
I do not edit these images apart from the odd crop due to the scanning process.

My Analogue Instagram is @analogueshooter

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope if you did send me questions this clears it up for you :) 


Coming Soon...

I have one goal in 2018! That is to keep on top of updating my website, be it uploading work or keeping everybody updated with the blog.

Recently I have taken some of my own time to get some things straight and completed some work that needed finishing, now that is out of the way things are straight back on track.
December can be a quiet month especially for location shoots as the temperature is just not what anyone wants!! 

It can be a great time to be productive in a studio, my current studio of choice in Manchester is The Photocove, it has everything you need as well as space to shoot without the backdrops, the price is very competitive which is also great!
Check out the studio HERE

My most recent shoots have taken place here, some of them include Liv from J'adore Models, Lyd from Maverick Models & Tasha.

I have selected some previews below from the shoots mentioned above.

Keep an eye out on my portfolio page for these images which will be uploaded soon.

JUNNNKTANK Features...

I have had the pleasure of having two of my most recent shoots featured on JUNNNKTANK, the two shoots were with Kyra and then another with Rebecca both shot indoors.

I have shot with both models before so the shoots were very relaxed and comfortable, please be aware that some of the images contain partial nudity so do not click through if this will offend you!

RWP_4688 copy.jpg




Be sure to check out my shop for some discounted prints


Recent Publications

2017 has been a year of hitting new heights and really expanding my work into new ventures.

My goal which I mentioned to quite a few people was to be involved with more publications, really a way to push my work out into other places than just social media.

Below are some of the images that were either printed or posted online, I have so many more planned in and cannot wait to share them! 

Coming Soon...

I am having an admin day tomorrow and adding images on my site from recent shoots.
Recently I have also been shooting some video footage, I am enjoying it and will only progress the more I do it.

People have recently been asking what equipment I use so I thought I would take this opportunity to list my main go to cameras and lenses:

For Portraits:
Nikon D810
Sigma 50mm Art f/1.4
Nikon 85mm f/1.8
Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8

For Video:
DJI Osmo

Below are some images and video previews of what is to come!

Jessica - Vauhaus Agency

I had been planning on arranging a photo shoot with Jessica for quite some time, I think she has not only a unique look but also a very diverse look on camera.

We arranged to meet at around 5:30pm on a Friday evening, I gave Jessica a quick brief and rough locations to try and match the surroundings! Jessica did her own makeup and styling and absolutely nailed the look I wanted for this shoot.

Jess is from Vauhaus Agency and I must say I have shot for this agency a few times now and do not have one complaint, all models are unique and different to the rest on the books which really is an upside as it means different looks every time, I would suggest booking in with some of their models!

You can follow Jess on her Instagram 

Since our first shoot we have shot again which was a very quick home shoot using some gels and bulbs to achieve a striking look, below are a couple of sample images but the album of Jessica can be found here on my site JESSICA


Busy few months...

Over the past few months I have been very busy, connecting with new models and new agencies.
I am wanting t challenge myself and challenge the people I work with, this means coming up with new concepts, locations and shooting style that is not currently being showcased in my area.

This means trying to stand out from some amazing photographers in Manchester, I will be showcasing some of my new work but some is being kept discreet as I will be approaching more magazines for features. I have some interesting shoots coming up so keep a look out. 

Below is some of the amazing models I have shot recently!


Phase 2 with Maiyah...

I had the amazing job of shooting with Maiyah again recently, this was part of the huge studio shoot for Vanita Model Management.
I chose to shoot with Maiyah first on the day as I knew we would get everything we wanted because we work great together, a very natural and relaxed theme which we captured at the amazing 303 Studio in Salford.

When I heard that the studio had a bed themed set I knew that Maiyah would suit it, laid back, fun and just a very natural surrounding that everyone get's into when at home.
I wanted to capture Maiyah in baggy Tees, jumpers and jerseys etc. something you would wear when lounging around but to also add a sexy fun side to the look we were going for.

Maiyah nailed the look and with the help of Siana the MUA I had everything in place to create a great set of images.

I just want to point out that when I do capture models I always want them to feel comfortable and enjoy what I am trying to create, Maiyah has nailed this both times and also makes me feel very comfortable, I would highly recommend booking Maiyah from Vanita as she constantly pushes herself to be better and do better, I can be sure this is not the last time we will work together.

Full set of images here

HUGE Studio Shoot for Vanita


On Saturday the 18th of Feb I had arranged a large studio shoot with models from Vanita Model Management at Studio 303, which is by far the biggest and best studio I have used to date! (shown on the map to the right).

Some of the models I had already worked with but most were new faces, on the shoot I was also joined by fellow photographer Steph who smashed it as usual along with 3 talented MUA's Siana, Leah & Teri who were a huge part of the day, they created looks that I had in mind and really excelled my expectations!! So good to have a great team working on this shoot as it really shows in every image.

Below are some Behind The Scenes pictures captured by the MUA's and I will be posting some of the images soon from this huge shoot!

Jenna - Britain's Next Top Model

Jenna recently featured in the final cycle 10 of Britain's Next Top Model, she is agency represented by J'adore Models and based in Liverpool.

I wanted to get a different look with Jenna in terms of what lenses I used and the depth of the images, it really was a pleasure shooting with Jenna!

To book Jenna for a shoot please contact J'adore here

Below are some of the images from Jenna's album on my site which can be found here


Images coming soon...

Jenna from Britains Next Top Model, represented by J'adore Models

Jenna from Britains Next Top Model, represented by J'adore Models

I have been shooting quite a lot recently which means I haven't had a lot of time to update my website with my most recent images.

i always make sure that when I have done a photoshoot the images are edited within 48 hours to ensure that my workload is always done before the next shoot, the only thing that takes a bit of time is arranging the shots I want featured online. 

Over the next few days I will be adding the latest photos to my site but I thought I would add a quick update here and give you a preview of what's to come.

Laurie from J'adore Models

Laurie from J'adore Models

love trying to find new spots in and around Manchester, I will soon be choosing to venture out of the city centre a little more in the upcoming shoots to add a totally different look to my images!

Ainsley from Vanita Model Management  

Ainsley from Vanita Model Management  

Images from my shoot with Maiyah

I have now uploaded the images from my recent shoot with Maiyah I really enjoyed this shoot and really happy with the results, I have attached a few below but you can find the full album here:

Maiyah from Vanita Model Management

Enjoy, and if you are a brand or photographer I would suggest booking this fantastic person!


Shoot with Grace - 28th Jan

Follow Grace on Instagram here @graceec14

Follow Grace on Instagram here @graceec14

Tomorrow I have a shoot booked in with Grace from Vanita Model Management, I am planning on shooting a few different types of looks with Grace in terms of locations and equipment that I use.

I will be joined by SH Hair and Makeup and shooting in Manchester city centre, I will be using my Nikon D810, Mamiya 645 and Minolta X-700.

All the images should be edited and ready for upload on Monday, I will post once they are ready to be viewed.

I should hopefully have some Behind The Scenes shots to post during the shoot.


Manchester At Night!

Recently I have made myself shoot more in the evening, Manchester can be so vibrant and interesting at night and I wanted to showcase that.

Take a look at some of my recent shoots HERE

Below are a some of examples.

Chayenne for Vanita Model Management

Behind the scenes image just before the rain came.  

Behind the scenes image just before the rain came.  

This shoot had been booked in for a couple of weeks now, as most of you know the Manchester weather is totally unreliable and unpredictable, it was cold and cloudy but once we were ready to shoot the rain kicked in.  

I thought it was over, however Chayenne was happy to power through and I'm glad she did. The rain in the images works very well and I'm happy with the results.  

I will be adding some photos to the site soon from this shoot so keep an eye for an update.  

Mamiya 645 & Why I Love it!

Towards the end of last year I purchased the Mamiya 645 from a friend, I had never held a medium format camera let alone one of these beasts, however once I got my hands on it all I wanted to do was test it out. 

I have the hip viewfinder version which visually is brilliant, I have found it to not be that useful as the viewfinder from my height is a little small to make sure that focus is on point.

luckily it has a magnifier on the viewfinder so you can hold it up to the eye for a perfect view.  

I have now used the camera along with my digital on 4 shoots, 3 with colour film and one black and white (still waiting for that film to come back) and honestly I cannot believe the results. 

The camera has no light meter so is completely manual in setting the exposure etc. As well as focusing.  

My opinion is that I love this camera and it excites me when I use it as you just aren't 100% sure of the results you are going to get. Just like using any analogue camera. 


I have attached some some results from the Mamiya 645.  



Mamiya 645 using Kodak Portra 400

Mamiya 645 using Kodak Portra 400

Above is totally unedited and the model is the wonderful Maiyah.